Saxmundham Art Group Exhibition 2007

Taking part in Saxmundham Arts Week, our local group, SAG, exhibited works of its members at the Bell Hotel.
The exhibition was well attended, receiving people from local villages and visitors from London.
I sold “My Loyal Friend Wears a Bowler”, which depicts a Suffolk Punch and his master in watercolours and which can be seen below.

My Loyal Friend Wears a Bowler

Other paintings sold were: “Saxmundham High Street” by Christine Buttery, “Labrador” by Winifred Bell, “Suffolk Sunset” by Wendy Merfield, “Dunwich Cliff” and “Eastbridge” by Michael Philpot, “Waterfall” by Sandy Spirling and “Sunflower Opening” by Judith Wilson.


This is a watercolour portrait I did in October 2006 for Marco’s 16th birthday. As it was a surprise, I painted it from a photograph I found at my mother’s house in Argentina.

Watercolour portrait

Marco is my nephew. I was hoping he liked it, because at that age most teenagers would prefer to receive a PC game, a new mobile phone, i-pod, x-box, etc., or even a football T-shirt.  But Marco’s response was “I’ve always wanted a painted portrait – it makes me feel good that someone cares enough to take the time to paint it. It means a lot.”

I am so glad that he appreciated my present, but at the same time, his words made me wonder if our teenagers need a little more from us than just the latest, expensive or not, electronic or fashion gimmick.

Materials used:

Paper – Galleria, 300 gsm, NOT surface.

Paints – Winsor & Newton Artist’s watercolours.

Brushes – Escoda Sable brushes, different sizes.